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Friday 15 May 2015

Early evening badgers

As Scouts wasn't on last night and I didn't fancy going to watch my sister kayaking on the lake, I thought mum and I could walk down to see the badgers.
All day it had been raining but when we got down there it had just stopped. 
The wind was blowing our scent away from the sett meaning the Badgers coud not smell us. 
After about 5 minutes the first badger appeared and started to snuffle around to find the handful of peanuts we put down for them. Soon after another badger poked his head out of the hole and was too wary to come out while the other one was just more intrested in the peanuts. 
There are 3 main holes that are used most often in this sett and it is quite funny to see a head poke out of one hole, look around, disappear, then pop up out of another hole.

One of the badgers came a couple of meters away from us and slowly wandered over to the other badger and ate the peanuts too.  
This time we had mixed a few meal worms in with the peanuts which they seemed to enjoy.

I've put two short films here together to show the difference in size. The first badger to come out and go to the left is much smaller than the second badger that walks off to the right. I think the first badger is one of the cubs.

It was a extremely good badger watching night and we got to see many of the badgers we haven't seen for a few weeks.

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