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Tuesday 26 May 2015

The Blackbirds have fledged - what an event

Yesterday the Blackbirds decided to leave their nest. The first couple going around mid morning.
They have been a handful ever since.
Around an hour after they went, mum found the first one trapped between the wall and the shed. It must has got up onto the 6ft high wall and toppled off.
Much to my dad's anger mum cut a small hole in the side of the shed to reach through and get it out.

We have quite a few rescue rabbits in runs in the garden. yesterday evening we found one of the fledglings in with two of the rabbits. They didn't seem bothered.

We could only see two of the fledglings this morning, but the others must be around in the garden because both parents keep disappearing under bushes and plants, and frantically gathering food from the feeder.
I can hear the fledglings calling and the adults doing their alarm calls everytime something goes near them.

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