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Friday 22 May 2015

Over a week in May

At the bottom of the garden we have a Laurel hedge, last year a blackbird made a nest in there but unfortunately the eggs got taken by a Magpie.
Yesterday I could hear lots of high pitched noise coming from the hedge and watched a Blackbird flying in and out with food.
It turns out that the old nest from last year has been used again. I can't tell whether it's the same Blackbirds but this years chicks seem to be doing well.
I asked on Twitter whether Blackbirds reuse nests and got the reply that it is not common but not unheard of. Thank you Dave Leech.
As we have lots of trees around us I'm hoping they reused the nest because it's a good site. The hedge does offer lots of cover and I wouldn't have known there was a nest there except for the noise that the chicks make.
This makes me wonder why the pigeons nest was raided as the baby pigeons didn't make any noise and the nest was well hidden.
Perhaps whatever raided the pigeons nest watched the parents go in and out of the fir tree. I hope it doesn't happen with the Blackbirds.

With all the rain and sunshine over the week there has been some pretty amazing weather fronts.

I wonder what these two are talking about!

These are all the local rooks before they settle down for the night.

Our bird feeder is very busy at the moment with fledgling blue tits.

I have just signed up to do the 30 days Wild with The Wildlife Trusts.
My sister and I have come up with a whole list of things we want to do over the month of June.
I'm looking forward to beginning it.

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