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Monday 18 May 2015

Black-throated Diver

Firstly some good news, late last night, the pigeon that went missing from the nest, only to be found later was put back on the nest by my mum.
We checked on the nest this morning and the baby was happily sat there with one of its parents who was protecting it from the rain.
I was worried that if we put it back on the nest whatever attacked the nest in the first place would come back again, but we thought it was safer than spending the night on the ground.

After school we visited Farmoor reservoir to see if we could spot the Black-throated diver.
We could tell where it was on the lake due to the photographers taking photos.
Very envious of some of the cameras!
The bird looks very smart in its summer plumage with its different strips and black patches
It spent a lot of time disappearing under the water then rising out of the water, shaking and showing off its white belly.
We also spotted a group of Dunlins and watched the Grebes catching fish for a while.
It was incredibly windy at Farmoor and the poor ducks looked like they were struggling against the waves.

Black-throated diver in summer plumage


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