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Saturday 23 May 2015

Hitchcopse pit BBOWT nature reserve

Hitchcopse pit is a BBOWT site not far from my house.
We mainly went over there because in Geography my class are looking at different types of rocks and on one of the cliffs here you can see examples of sedimentary rock layers.
I also wanted a go with our new GoPro
Hitchcopse pit is a disused sandpit with a pond in one corner.
The pond is full of wildlife such as tadpoles, birds and fish.
In the summer the whole area is full of butterflies and bees.
We sat on a rock for a while and watched the Red Kite over head and the Swallows diving down to drink from the pond.
At the far side of the pond there were two moorhens and two chicks.  


Long- tailed tit chick

Great tit chick

We took lots of videos but most them weren't clear due to the cloudy water except this one of Tadpoles

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