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Sunday 17 May 2015

Good news for one pigeon

Around lunch time Mum was gardening and found the missing baby pigeon hiding under a rosebush

We left it where it was as the parents where hanging about on the wall nearby.
I put the trail camera down and you can just about see it flapping about behind the leaves.
Then at just after 5pm, according to the camera, it disappeared.
I was sure it couldn't have flown away, we hunted everywhere but couldn't find it.

Just before bed I could see one of the adults sat on the fence near the rose bush, cooing.
So we searched again and found it hiding underneath our bikes.
The dogs have been banned from going into the garden alone.


  1. It is a bit too young to have fledged. It is also extremely vulnerable on the ground. You should pick it up and put it as high as you can in a thick tree or bush, close to where you find it. This is what they do naturally after fledging - hide in trees and clamber around. On the ground, they're as good as dead. They can't really climb, wont be able to fly for a while, and ground predators will get them.

  2. Just before dark last night Mum wrapped the baby up in a towel then put it back in the nest. This morning I've just checked on it and it's still there with one parent sat on it protecting it from the rain.