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Tuesday 6 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday Thrupp Lake Radley

The first two photos were taken close to my house, but Monday afternoon we went for a walk around Thrupp Lake at Radley.

Thrupp Lake used to be a quarry, it is now cared for by Earth Trust. On arrival the sun was trying to shine through the clouds, it was warm but not too warm for the 1.7km walk around the lake.

The shallow water at the edge was clear, the bottom visible, fresh water clams, snails and tadpoles lay amongst the gravel.

Lying on a fallen tree trunk was a terrapin, normally found in the water but they come out of the water to bask on sunny days.

This gull spent time trying to open a clam by flying up about 1m high with it in it's beak then dropping it onto a rock to smash it open. Unfortunately after lots of goes he dropped it back in the lapping water.


Oyster Catchers

Baby Coots

This nest was inside the Hide.

Can anyone recommend a good book on caterpillar ID?

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