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Friday 16 May 2014

Help need identifying birds

I have started to collect a few pictures on my computer that I have taken of small brownish birds about the size of a Robin that i have no idea what they are.
can anyone help me identify them?

A - This one was by a lake

                                                 B - This one was sat on a boat by a lake, it was just getting dark.

C - This one was singing very loudly at the bottom of my garden, so it was close to fields and woodland

                             D - This one was near Farmoor reservoir

                 E - This one was hidden in the reeds near a lake, I think it's a Reed Bunting

     F - I couldn't actually see this one as it was in the reeds, but it was making a lot of noise, so I recorded it singing. 


  1. Hi Alex, Bird A:- looks like a Chiffchaff
    B:- is a Wheatear
    C:-is a Whitethroat
    D:-is a female Reed Bunting
    E:-is a male Reed Bunting
    F:- is a singing Reed Warbler
    Keep up the good work!

  2. if C was singing loudly with a wide variety of tunes than I think it was most likely a Nightingale.