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Monday 5 May 2014

Frisky Badgers

Last chance to see badgers this weekend as back to school tomorrow. Now the badgers are coming out later and later it is difficult to go and see them on a school night.

Last night there was lots of activity around the sett. the wind was very still, meaning we had to keep very quiet.
Our friendly badger was the first to appear, but even that one seemed a little wary.
Three more appeared and happily ate around the tree we sit in, but they didn't seem as confident as normal.

There was lots of chatting and churring going on as well as shoulder barging and pushing. It soon became clear why all the badgers were acting like this. A male and female were mating.

Thanks to all the information that Badgerland sent me, I am now beginning to notice the difference between the male and females tails. Which ones are young badgers and now keeping a record of the scars and marks on each badger.

(The video of the noises that they make doesn't have any pictures, but turn the sound up)

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