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Friday 30 May 2014

Skomer Island and Puffins

On our third day in Wales we took a trip over to Skomer Island especially to see Puffins.
Skomer only allows a certain number of people on the Island in one day so we had to get up at 6am to travel down to get in the queue for tickets.
While boarding the boat across I spotted a Spider crab in the water.

These caterpillars were on the path down to the boat on the mainland.

Once we landed on the Island we were given a talk telling us to be careful on the paths and where not to walk so we didn't squash the puffins or Manx Shearwater burrows which were everywhere.
With 5 hours before the boat would take us back we set off to explore.

Sedge Warbler

As well as Puffins, Skomer Island has lots of seals, cliff faces full of Guillemots, Razorbills and Kittiwakes.
One of the birds we didn't get to see (except a couple of dead ones) was the Manx Shearwater. This was because they were either deep in their burrows underground or out at sea.

Skomer Island is very pretty and colourful at the moment with the bluebells and pink Thrift, but it is very exposed and although the sun was shining the wind felt cold.

I spotted this Black-backed gull swoop down and grab a Moorhen.

After a half hour walk we arrived at The Wick which was the easiest place to see the Puffins. The Puffins, although used to people watching them were still a bit cautious and would pop down their burrows at a loud noise.
They were lovely little birds with a funny waddle and comical way of popping up and down in their burrows.

This Puffin seems to have some ticks


From one of the cliffs we watched 3 porpoises in the distance. This was the best attempt at a photo.


My sister took this photo

My sister took this photo too.

There were lots of rabbits on Skomer including a few black rabbits

This Puffin was rubbing it's chin on the rock


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