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Sunday 18 May 2014

Butterfly Survey

This afternoon we joined in on a Butterfly survey of our local wood.
The survey was lead by three members of the Upper Reach Branch of Butterfly Conservation.
During the 2 hour walk around the wood we spotted and recorded 17 butterflies, from 5 different species.
Orange Tip x 3, Peacock x 6, Speckled wood x 2, Large White x 4 and Tortoiseshell x 2.

Speckled Wood

We learnt lots during the walk including not to put a shadow over the butterflies or make to much vibrations otherwise they will fly away.
Butterflies are territorial and the Comma butterfly is bivoltine which means they have two broods each year.
We were also told that caterpillars are difficult to identify because they change a lot in appearance as they grow.
Male orange tip
The female orange tips are white with mottled patches, which fade as the scales fall off at the end of it's season. (I took these pictures on the way home after the survey had finished)

 We also learnt about the different white butterflies and their black markings but even though we saw 3 white butterflies on the way home I still couldn't tell what they were.

There were also a few baby squirrels in the wood

As well has butterflies I saw a few Dragonflies and Damselflies

My favourite find of the day was this pellet which I think is a Little owl pellet. It is full of beetles.


  1. Hello Alex,

    I am the Oxfordshire dragonfly recorder and would be interested if you could let me know where you saw the Large Red Damselfly (the red one) and the dragonfly (which is probably an immature Broad Bodied Chaser), so I can add it to the dragonfly and damselfly records for Oxfordshire. If you dont want to post this info here, perhaps you could e-mail me privately at home (at) I'd also be very happy to receive any further dragonfly or damselfly records you obtain this season - you may well visit places where I receive no other records for!