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Saturday 3 May 2014

Last couple of days

 The nest in our bottom shed now has a Robin sitting in it.

The people at Badgerland sent me a Badger observation diary that I have started to fill in. It will mean I can build up a picture of when the badgers come out and maybe start to recognise some of them.

My sister has started her summer season on the lake for Sea Scouts, this means I get 2.5 hours a week to wander around the lake.
This week it rained the whole time but I still saw Great Crested Grebes, ducks, coots, a heron, Greylag geese, swans and gulls.
Around one side of the lake there was a pile of dead crayfish.
In the reeds we could see little brown birds hopping about, constantly singing, but I couldn't get a photo. Last year we saw lots of warblers in the reeds.
For about an hour, a cuckoo was calling on and off but again it wasn't close enough to see it. That was the second Cuckoo I've heard this week.

There were around 12 Grebes on the lake.

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