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Monday 12 May 2014

Over the weekend - Friday to Monday

I had a go at putting my time lapse camera near the Robin's nest for a few hours this afternoon, mainly to see if it was in the right place for filming the eggs hatch. It was interesting to see how often the Robin got off the nest to go and have some food. It was about once every hour.
The nest is too high for me to see how many eggs there are. It is a great place to have a nest in our shed because it is out of the wind BUT the shed has no doors on it and we had a Barn owl visiting it last year on and off. We found owl pellets on the floor under one of the beams and once when I walked down the garden I saw a Barn Owl fly out from the shed. I haven't see any signs of it this year.

On Friday morning I saw this Cockchafer in my front garden. Last year when my sister was sailing at the lake we had to hide in our car because there was a swarm of Cockchafers. We could hear them banging as they hit the roof of the car. The ground was covered with them and you could hardly see the flood lights for all the Cockchafers flying around them.

Friday evevning I was lucky enough to be invited to Wytham woods to see where they study badgers. I saw three badgers but none of the photos I took were very good. I really enjoyed the evening especially the Land Rover safari, but I think I prefer my local badgers.

As we wandered through the wood on Sunday morning the wind was blowing through the trees and there didn't seem to be much wildlife around.

I saw these two Muntjac deers at the back of the wood and a Blue tit having a bath in a stream.

The swallows have started sitting on the telephone wire that goes across my garden

A bit itchy

I was looking out of my window across the field when I saw a Magpie fighting with something brown. At first I thought it was a Buzzard and perhaps a Pheasant. They were coming up out of the crops about 1m in the air then disappearing in the wheat. I grabbed my camera and looked through the zoom lens. 
It was a Hare fighting with a Magpie. 
I thought perhaps the magpie was after the hare's babies.
Unfortunately it was at the end of my camera's zoom so the photos were rubbish.

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  1. Wow! Never heard of a hare/magpie fight before!